Miss Victory. “Organized bands of corrupt politicians and diplomats have been operating against the best interests of the government in Washington. The F.B.I. has been powerless to get at the actual heads of the ring until a strange figure enters the picture: a girl who wears a daring red white and blue costume and calls herself Miss Victory.” Joan Wayne is a stenographer for the Foreign Trade Committee who uses her position and inside knowledge to fight corruption and evil as the costumed Miss Victory. She has no superpowers. Her opponents range from ordinary criminals to Germans to pretend talking apes to Japanese Yellow Peril femmes fatale. She appears in stories with titles like “The War Plant Epidemic” and “Noric–the Maniac of the Opera.”

First Appearance: Captain Fearless Comics #1 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), Aug 1941. 22 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by Charles Quinlan and ?







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