Master Man. "Stronger than untamed horses–swifter than the raging winds–braver than mighty lions–wiser than wisdom, kind as Galahad–is Master Man, the wonder of the world! But as a boy, young Master Man was weak until a wise old doctor gave the youth a magic capsule, full of vitamins, containing every source of energy known to man: the Vitacap! The boy becomes the strongest man on earth! Upon the highest mountain peak he built a castle made of solid rock! From there he sees all evil in the world and races to destroy it instantly." Master Man has super-speed, super-strength, and invulnerability. Master Man appears in stories with titles like “Death, Incorporated," "The Case of the Golden Bullets," and "The Living Death."

First Appearance: Master Comics #1 (Fawcett), Mar 1940. 6 appearances, 1940. Created by Newt Alfred and ?








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