Eaglet. Bud Pierce, teenaged child of circus strongmen, is looking for work in New York when by chance he meets Tom Standish. Soon enough, Pierce discovers that Standish is the American Eagle. Pierce begins fighting crime and gains the same powers as Standish: super-strength, limited invulnerability, and the power of flight. Pierce becomes the Eaglet, and with the American Eagle fights Nazi saboteurs, the Yellow Peril scientist Dr. Amoto and his radio-controlled rocket bombs (which he uses to destroy ships of wounded G.I.s), the cowboy train-robber Red Mask, and a machine which Nazi agents use to bring back the dead (including Blackbeard, a Viking, and a monstrous Neanderthal). The Eaglet appears in stories with titles like "The Secret Gas Weapon and "The White Angels."

First Appearance: America's Best Comics #2 (Standard), Sept 1942. 34 appearances, 1942-1946. Created by Richard Hughes and Kin Platt.








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