West, Captain Derek. “Tim Cassidy, a hard-boiled pilot-salesman, is in Warsaw trying to sell the Airacobra to the Polish Army...when the Nazi air legions strike at the doomed city.” Outraged by the German bombing of civilians, Cassidy takes to the sky and shoots down German planes but is shot down himself. He is captured by the Germans, his face is disfigured, but a fellow prisoner, a plastic surgeon, rebuilds his face, and the Germans use him for propaganda purposes. Escaping, he assumes the identity of a dead British pilot, Captain Sheridan, and then of Captain Derek West, and enlists in the R.A.F. and fights against the Germans.

First Appearance: Wings Comics #4 (Fiction House), Dec 1940. 41 appearances, 1940-1949. Created by Klaus Norwood and ?















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