American Eagle. Lab assistant Tom Standish is accidentally exposed to a combination of "the serum which underlies the eagle's strength and buoyancy" and "a weird black ray" from a cathode-tube projector. The result is super-strength, limited invulnerability, and the power of flight. Standish kills the Nazi agent who he was inadvertently working for, and then is drawn into crime-fighting. He teams up with teenaged Bud Pierce to become the American Eagle and Eaglet. They fight Nazi saboteurs, the Yellow Peril scientist Dr. Amoto and his radio-controlled rocket bombs (which he uses to destroy ships of wounded G.I.s), the cowboy train-robber Red Mask, and a machine which Nazi agents use to bring back the dead (including Blackbeard, a Viking, and a monstrous Neanderthal). The American Eagle appears in stories with titles like "The Secret Gas Weapon and "The White Angels."

First Appearance: America's Best Comics #2 (Standard), Sept 1942. 34 appearances, 1942-1946. Created by Richard Hughes and Kin Platt.









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