A teaser for the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, Second Edition

I see I haven’t announced this here yet.

A second edition to my Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana is forthcoming. The second edition will have a number of new entries and a huge amount of new material added to the entries from the first edition. In fact, there’s so much new material that the page count for the second edition is over twice that of the first edition–the page count is over 2,200 pages (a little over 796,000 words). Obviously that’s too many pages to fit in one book, so this edition (let’s just call it EFV2e to save space) is going to be ebook only. The cover is being worked on as I type this, and I hope to have the ebook for sale by the time Readercon rolls around. (I’ll plug the release date of EFV2e widely, never fear!)

To whet your appetite, and remind you of what I’m talking about, here’s the title list for EFV2e and here’s a sample entry. Enjoy!

(I’ll be posting more teasers here in the run-up to publication)


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