Table of Contents for the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

So in case you haven’t heard, I’m writing a second edition of the Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana. In all likelihood self-published, this time, because the second edition will have around 150,000 new words–new entries, added scholarly apparatus, corrections and additions–and that pushes the Encyclopedia up over 790,000 words, which is much too long for one book and for any publisher to be interested in. I’ll be doing an eBook of the second edition, of course, since as a print book it’s going to run to three volumes.

(All that being said, there’s the slightest chance that a traditional publisher might be interested in the book, and we’re pursuing that chance now).

The manuscript is finished and proofed and spell-checked. All that it needs now is an index (which I won’t build until I know whose pagination I’ll be drawing from, my own or a publisher) and a cover (which my wife will create unless a publisher grabs the book). In the meantime, would you like to see the table of contents?


The List of Titles & Entries for The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, second edition

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