The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Valerie Drew

valerie drew

Drew, Valerie. Valerie Drew was created by “Adelie Ascott,” the pseudonym of John William Bobin (Derrick Brent, Don Darrel, Lila Lisle, Sylvia Silence, Top-Gear Tempest), and appeared in a number of stories in several English story papers from 1933 to 1940. Valerie Drew is a slim, pretty, red-haired schoolgirl detective. She is stylish and wears slit skirts and slacks. She begins as a girlish amateur detective but eventually becomes a sophisticated and skill crime-solver who pilots her own airplane and owns an apartment on Park Lane. She has whatever skills are required for her by each story, from sign-language to piloting yachts. Her arch-enemy is the French Lupin Marcelle Dauphine, but Drew helps reform Dauphine and she becomes Drew’s friend and ally. Drew is assisted by her clever Alsatian, Flash.

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