The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Kurt Danner

Danner, Kurt. Kurt Danner was created by “Peter Anker,” a Kay Nielsens Forlag pseudonym which in this case was used by Niels Meyn (Count Basil, Gentleman Detective, Lord Kingsley, Lord Lister, John Mac Carty, Mister X, Modern Thief, Robert Sterling), and appeared in the Danish pulp Kurt Danners Bedrifter #1-280 (1942-1947). Kurt Danner is a world-traveling engineer, adventurer and explorer. He fights crime and evil around the world, taking on and defeating pirates in the Indian Ocean and China Sea, smugglers in Europe, and Soviet spies in Europe and Asia. He fights Femmes Fatale (the She-Scorpio), Mad Scientists, Jungle Heroes (like the Jungle Queen), Yellow Perils, werewolves, vampires, giant robots, Al Capone, a Fu Manchu clone, and ape-men. After World War Two ended the authors of Kurt Danner’s Bedrifter promptly portrayed him becoming intimately involved in the Danish resistance. Danner appeared in stories with titles like “Pearl Harbor” (Danner is involved in catching the Japanese responsible for the attack), “The Sulfuric Acid Demon,” and “The Vampire of Hong Kong.”

Just another example of how the European hero pulps were the equal of the American hero pulps, only with much greater longevity and published weekly, not monthly. 

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