The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Dr. Theodore Cunliffe

Cunliffe, Dr. Theodore. Dr. Cunliffe was created by the pseudonymous “H. Frankish” and appeared in seven stories which were collected in Dr. Cunliffe, Investigator (1913). Dr. Theodore Cunliffe is a Superhuman consulting detective. Cunliffe is an Oxonian and a medical doctor who gets called in by Scotland Yard to investigate the occasional strange and exotic crime. Cunliffe is brilliant, a genius at detection and as a scientist, is widely traveled, experienced, and knowledgeable about the most obscure matters. He also has superhuman strength and can lift a ton of weight and wrestle an ape to a standstill. Among his cases were: an evil scientist who discovered a way to disintegrate matter; a giant, egg-like tentacled vampiric alien preying on young children in the Norfolk countryside; a secret society of Oxonians who worship a beautiful snakewoman; a brain transplant gone wrong; and cat-sized wasps.

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