The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Walter Crummel

George_SchuylerCrummel, Walter. Walter Crummel was created by George Schuyler (Dr. Belsidus, Dr. Cranfield, Sadiu Mattchu, Gail Reddick, Dick Welland) and appeared in the story serial “The Beast of Bradhurst Avenue” (Pittsburgh Courier, Mar-May 1934). Two headless bodies are discovered in Harlem. Both are black women’s, one the body of an African princess. Walter Crummel, an African-American Detective Sergeant, is put on the case. After lengthy searching the murderer is discovered: Eric Grausmann, a German Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist, living on Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem, who is attempting to transplant the brains of black women into dogs.

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