The Best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Colette

coletteColette. Colette was created by Gilles Brodeur and appeared Les Dangereux Exploits du Sergent Colette, UZ-16, L’As Femme Détective Canadienne-Française #1-240+ (1945?-?). Colette is a Québécois private detective. She owns her own bureau, but she also doubles as Agent UZ-16 of the Canadian intelligence agency. In this dual role she takes on a wide variety of enemies, from ordinary murderers to Communist spies to “devil Doctors.”

That’s Canada for you: a lack of memory of past popular culture (seriously, nobody knows how many issues of Sergent Colette there were, just that there were over 240, or how many years it lasted, or when it started), but more advanced and progressive, whenever it appeared, than its USian counterparts (there’s no one like Colette in the USian pulps, and certainly no one like Colette who lasted for over 240 issues–which at one issue a week comes out to at least six years).

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