The best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Cliff Aeroes

Aeros, Cliff. Julius Jäger (1889-1952) was a famous circus performer under the name of “Cliff Aeros.” In 1942 he founded the Zirkus Aeros, which remained active in East Germany until 1990. In 1955 he appeared in the East German Celebrity Pulp Cliff Aeros – Die Menschliche Sternschnuppe #1-16, which was modeled on the earlier German circus pulps which starred real-life circus performers Eddie Polo and Billy Jenkins, among others. Cliff Aeroes describes Cliff Aeros’ adventures as he travels the world with his circus, bringing proper Communist justice to the masses oppressed by Capitalist wickedness. Aeroes appears in stories with titles like “A Dying Man Flies to Heaven,” “The Trip with Crocodiles,” “A Leap Through the Bayonet Tire,” and “Aeros at the Bullfight.”

(Celebrity Pulps were just that: fictionalized adventure stories about celebrities. Quite a common thing in the pulp age)

If you don’t feel like an East German pulp–in the 1950s, of all times–about a communist circus fighting capitalist crime while traveling around the world makes the world a better place, I don’t know what to do with you.

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