The best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Olaf K. Abelsen

Abelsen, Olaf K. Olaf K. Abelsen was created by “Max Schraut,” the pseudonym of Walther Kabel (Harald Harst, Nic Pratt, Rockheart, Three Vigilantes, Fred Walker), and appeared in the German pulp Olaf K. Abelsen – Abseits der Alltagswege #1-50 (1929-1933). Olaf K. Abelsen is a Wanted Man. A Swede, he escapes from prison and becomes a wandering adventurer, fighting for justice in Scandinavia and around the world despite being pursued by the policemen of all nations. Abelsen’s only companion is his faithful hound, although Abelsen does befriend and encourage the Three Vigilantes. Olaf K. Abelsen is notable for the imaginative, colorful stories, which convey a Sense of Wonder unusual even for the heftromanes. Abelsen encounters an undead Brain in a Jar and a Lost Race of Incas still living underneath Chile. In “The Fires of Eternity,” Olaf K. Abelsen #26, Abelsen travels into the subterranean world of Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, which in this case is underneath Guatemala and Honduras. Abelsen is sometimes assisted by Professor Allison. Abelsen appears in stories with titles like “The Road to Nowhere,” “The Devil’s Farm,” “The Holy Smile,” and “Solid Tears.”

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