The best of the Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes: Abdahalla-Fan

Hi there. For lack of anything better to do, and by way of promoting my long-forthcoming (by the end of the year, I’m promised) The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes (from P.S. Publishing, remember), I’m going to be reprinting here the best, most interesting, most colorful or historically important entries from the Encyclopedia, one a day, until the book is published. So out of 6400+ entries, you’ll be getting a few hundred, but the choicest few hundred. To begin with:

Abdahalla-Fan. Abdahalla-Fan was created by Jesús de Aragón (Hugo de Marignac, Four Spaniards, Spanish Engineer) and appeared in the Spanish novel Los Piratas del Aire (1929). Abdahalla-Fan is a Yellow Peril. In 1927 all of India is threatened by the malign Abdahalla-Fan. He commands an airship in the form of a green dragon, and his co-pilot is a gorilla. He even kidnaps the beautiful Englishwoman Dorina from Bombay and subjects her to “cruel vexations.” Fortunately, the heroic English pilot Lord Ewerard Gleenmore is on the case, and pursues Abdahalla-Fan to the summit of Mt. Everest, where he meets his doom.

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