Second Kickstarter for The Fury of the Northmen has launched!

An image of the necromancer character class, drawn and colored by Russell Marks.

The necromancer character class. Art by Russell Marks.


My first attempt at a Kickstarter for The Fury of the Northmen failed, so I’ve relaunched it with a humbler funding goal (only $5,000) and humbler aims (the funding will pay for layout and cover art so I can sell the books on

Naturally, with the lower budget, the Kickstarter was fully funded in three hours and hit its first stretch goal in eighteen hours. And I’ve still got 29 days to go! So–think about pledging something, if you’re inclined, or spread the links, if you’re in the mood.

What’s the game? The Fury of the Northmen is a 5e-compatible rpg set in England during the first six years of the Viking invasion of England (865-871 CE/AD). The Fury of the Northmen is historical fantasy; it’s an equal mix of imagination and intensely researched Scandinavian & English history, myth, legend, and folklore.

An image of the heidr character class drawn and colored by Kim Van Deun.

The heidr character class. Art by Kim Van Deun.

The three books that make up Northmen are:

  • The Player’s Guide, a 450+-page book containing completely new character classes (nearly all the 5e character classes weren’t compatible with the historical setting), new PC folk, 600+ new spells, dozens of historical ethnicities, and everything else needed to create a Northmen character and play a Northmen game or campaign.
  • The World Book, a 250+-page book containing everything a GM could want to know about the Northmen setting: the kingdoms of England as of 865, the cultures, the religions, the philosophies, the lived experiences, and all the other basics of both English and Scandinavian societies; a gazetteer of the England of Northmen; the who, what, where, when, and why of both the historical Viking invasion and the Viking invasion in the world of Northmen (two different things); rules for large-scale battles; sixty manuscript pages of new treasure types and items; and a long list of resources for people interested in learning more. The World Book is mostly setting-agnostic, and can be profitably used by anyone interested in learning about or gaming in England during the Viking Age.
  • The Bestiary, a descriptive catalogue of 240+ new monsters for the setting. I put all 240+ monsters on a free website, but people also wanted the Bestiary as a book, so the first pledge goal for the Kickstarter was to make enough money to afford to get the Bestiary layout and cover art to sell on

Northmen is unlike any other Viking rpg ever published–more historical information (as much as fun allows) and more intensely researched setting, cast of characters, and monsters–and it’s pretty good. (Admittedly, I’m biased). So…take a look, won’t you? Thanks!

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